Where is the best place to buy a cloud domain name

In the Admin Manual it states “Administrators are encouraged to install Nextcloud on a dedicated domain such as
cloud.domain.tld instead of domain.tld to gain all the benefits offered by the
Same-Origin-Policy.” ( https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/11/admin_manual/configuration_server/harden_server.html#use-a-dedicated-domain-for-nextcloud ).

Being inexperienced with these things where is the best place to buy such a domain name?

Depends a bit, if you are on webhosting solution you might be forced to get it from the same webhoster. On your own server, you can just get it from any reseller for ~10$/€ per year for a .com-domain. Godaddy is the most famous in the US market, for Europe there is OVH, INWX, and many many more.

Great, thanks for that!

Total noob here lol

I buy my domains from:

namecheap is my favourite.

Thanks Jason!

I’m going to use namecheap.

Thanks again :slight_smile: