Where is Nextcloud.cfg?

Sorry for asking this stupid question, i am new to this.( i am on windows)
I am trying to move the location to hardrive from my ssd and i am trying to find the nextcloud.cfg and i cannot find it under c:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\Nextcloud\nextcloud.cfg
i cant even find the nextcloud folder, can any one help me?


Much and good luck,

thanks for replying
i still cant find it there

Maybe this is a silly question, but have you actually installed the Nextcloud Desktop Client?

Just for clarification:
do we really speak about the same “Nextcloud” process?
I meant the Nextcloud Desktop Client for Windows but since you obviously run docker on your host, could it be that you have a server running and you are searching for the files from that server?


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I am trying to change where the files store on the server

and where is “the server” located in your case?


In in that windows system

Search in the user folder, as you installed the client software. If you did install as administrator, search in c:\users\administrator\AppData\Roaming first.

That was all, my fortune-telling crystal ball could tell to me.