Where is Deck in Nextcloud (Docker) v.26?!?

I’m wondering where the deck is now in nextcloud version 26? it’s not under apps, nor apps-extra.
Is it in the core now?
I would like to develop a mail info-msg when tickets expire into deck, so can I install a deck from github into apps without problems?

v26 will be released on 21th of march. AFAIK it will stay an extra app.

Deck app has not been released for v26 as well.
See https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/deck for details.

At least there is a NC 26 compatible beta release on the App Store now.

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SysKeeper is right.
In Administrator page it says it’s Version
Nextcloud Hub 3 (26.0.0 beta 2)
(which is by the way the version that dev.-tutorials recommends to install by git).
Also there is a Deck (1.9.0-beta.1) inside that version: I can activate it, what I did, it’s on the menu-bar and works. Only the folder on server is not where it should be.

So can I uninstall the hidden deck by admin-interface and install the git- deck on apps, or does that break my nextcloud docker version? (Your link was not very useful on that question too)

Thank you for your greatful help.