Where is bookmarks stored?

I recently reinstalled Nextcloud (including data base LAMP). I have the whole old Nextcloud install folder including Data the data folder backed up. Are the bookmarks somewhere in Nextcloud folder?


The bookmarks are stored in the database:

show tables where Tables_in_nextcloud_db like '%bookmark%';
| Tables_in_nextcloud_db         |
| oc_bookmarks                   |
| oc_bookmarks_folders           |
| oc_bookmarks_folders_bookmarks |
| oc_bookmarks_tags              |

Thank you for a quick answer!

So my bookmarks is gone then ;(

You can’t find these tables in the DB? Did you dump or corrupted your DB recently?

Nextcloud crashed when I updated Nextcloud so I needed to reinstall. I think I deleted the Nextcloud database: DROP database Nextcloud. Where is the database stored?

Here is a good example when one does nor understand what he (me) is doing. Its a miracle I even could set up Nextcloud on my own…

It’s gone then. :frowning:

Lesson learned, always keep backups :slight_smile: