Where in the database is information about the Android App stored? I need to delete it

Okay so long story short, I set up the Android app a couple of months ago when I first setup NextCloud and because I hadn’t organized my phone properly I just went with the Instant Upload folder set up.

But I don’t want instant upload. I want my own folder structure scheme. I have changed to 3 different phones and each time as soon as I install nextcloud it just reverts back to trying to upload to a non-existent InstantUpload folder.

I figure, there has to be somewhere in the db where this information is stored. I want to manually change it. Any advice on where I should look? I’m looking around but it’s a pretty big database.

Here is the original github issue I filed a couple of weeks ago about the issue if you need more context on how wonky the thing has been acting. https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/3161

turning off hidden files allowed me to find the .cloudagent folder in the root of my android storage folder. I deleted that and reinstalled and it only created auto uploads for folders with media in them that actually existed on my phone. There was no way to get rid of those ones in case I deleted the folders or simply didn’t want to have a bunch of half empty folders cluttering up my auto upload section. But that seems within the current scope of the android client, not a bug of any sort.