Where have the manual page gone?

All the three following pages provide a link to Nextcloud Android App.

They all point to → https://docs.nextcloud.com/android/
But it has displayed “File not found” for the last 10 days already. Where have the page gone?

Thank you for your information

With this link you can go to this link. It is client development. I don’t know if this is the right site for you. What info do you need?

Thank you for your reply. I need an user manual. I seldom but will sometime read developer’s material so as to (1) get some rough idea about what is happening behind the scene, and (2) get some keyword to google for a bigger picture. Sorry I can’t do coding (College was teaching Pascal and Cobol my time).

My real need is to get Whatsapp Audio files auto updated as image and video ones. (If user manual state clearly that this job is under development, it is fine.)

I found on Android Apps’ user interface Settings>More>AutoUpload which provides a “Set up a custom folder”, I tried and it created chaos. Had I done anything wrong? I need a user manual to tell me what is the correct way.
My recent post about the issue is here → Can I force stop auto upload gracefully on Android?

I don’t expect a rapidly developing system can have a wiki page like Archlinux, but lacking a basic user manual really do no good to all parties. sigh

OK, I surrender.