Where did my Calendar, Recipies, Deck & More go?

Hi there, I hope this finds you all well!

I faced a disaster with my server but fortunately had my Nextcloud backed up. Using docker compose I’ve successfully installed Nextcloud on the new Ubuntu VPS. Searching the backups I could see that my Nextcloud was version ‘23.0.3-fpm’ and MariaDB ‘10.7.3’, so I’ve made sure to use the same versions.

My backups give me the ‘mysql’ folder, as well as ‘html/config’ and ‘html/data’ folders. After recovery, I sign in like always and see my files, but there are no apps (aside from default Dashboard, Files, Photos, Activity).

I understood backing up ‘mysql’ folder backed up all apps. Was I mistaken? Where are they stored?

How can I recover the critical information in my Calendar and Deck apps specifically?

Thank you, your help is much appreciated

If you backuped and restored your database correctly it contains the data for these apps. You can simply install the apps again.

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Thanks tcit, you’re right, that’s fantastic!

If I go to Apps and search ‘Calendar’ it comes up as a result that’s version ‘0’ and has a ‘Disable’ button. If I disable it and ‘Download and enable’ it it comes back to life.

If I search ‘Recipes’ or ‘Cookbook’ nothing comes up. I thought given the same folders, the running Nextcloud we be exactly the same as it was. Can we please dig deeper into why the top nav bar is missing installed apps, what needs to be reinitialised and/or how to see the filesystems/databases apps to know what to bring back?

Thanks again <3

The apps code is stored in the apps/ directory, but that’s no big deal if you don’t backup them as you can simply reinstall them from the app store.

Awesome, thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: