Where are stored the templates used when creating a new file (nextcloud Android)?

On Nexcloud-Android, when you create a new file, a dialog box allows you to choose a template. By default, there is only one choice “Empty file”.
I’d like to add more but I can’t find where these templates are stored.

I hope I searched in the doc but I didn’t find anything

Nexcloud : 18.0.7~ynh1
Nexcloud-Android : 3.12.1

You have set up collabora online, right ?
If collabora is set up, you can add some template in the settings on nextcloud web interface (you can’t with nextckoud smartphone application).

To create a template you need to follow this tutorial before https://help.libreoffice.org/3.3/Writer/Creating_a_Document_Template
After, you can add this template in collabora settings on nextcloud.

(NB : extension of a template is not odt but ott for writer)

Good luck

Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately I do not use collabora online… Maybe I will have to :wink:
For now I’m only use “new file” function on android to create markdown files and I found it’s very usefull. Specially if I find out how to create a template :wink:

So you use onlyoffice… ?
Do you have your own server ? Do you have an admin account ?
The “new file” function necessary comes from colabora or only office.

Not office app. just nexcloud-android and nexcloud srv.

And yes, it’s my own srv (Yunohost) and I have admin account :slight_smile:

Ok sorry I didn’t see that you talked about markdown file. Sorry but I don’t know…

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No worries, thanks for watching