Where are phisically my file?

hi, I do not speak English very well, so I hope I do not have a bad category.
I would like to install nextcloud on one of my sites. what I do not understand is: the files where they are loaded? on my hosting, or on your server? I tried to install nextcloud on my website, I uploaded an image but then when I tried to find it through filezilla I did not find it. So, I would like to know that image I see through nextcloud, physically where is it? On my website / space hosting, or on your server?


the files are in your “datadirectory”.
look in the config.php file in the …/nextcloud/config folder. there you should find an entry like:

'datadirectory' => '/var/www/nextcloud/data',

thank you very much. :slight_smile:

and some more details are explained here: