Where are my files?


I want to run NC in a Linux container managed with Proxmox.
The installation run nice dans the data dir is under /home/nextcloud/www/data
And everything is OK, I upload files in subdirectories of /home/nextcloud/www/data
the user running NC is “nextcloud”

Now I re-install NC but I want to store data files in a shared folder.
I have another LXC with Samba and a shared folder. This folder is on a NTFS hard disk
I mount the shared folder in /home/nextcloud/data and the user “nextcloud” can read and write in this folder and everithing is nice.
I setup NC and NC ask me where is data folder and I put /home/nextcloud/data

And the problems begin…
First NC create the first user but not in /home/nextcloud/data … and I dont know where !!
In the shared folder, there is nothing !! no files, no directories …

I upload a big file (1.2Go) and the file is in NC, I can read it (it’s a video)
But the file is not in /home/nextcloud/data !!
I reboot the container, in NC I still see the file …but I don’t know where is the file !!

Does NC support that the data directory is a mounting of a samba share?
How to configure NC or system to write data files to my shered ntfs disk ?

NextCloud : version 15.0.0
Container is CentOS 7
PHP 7.2
httpd 2.4

The location of the data directory is configured via the datadirectory entry in your config.php. The default is the data directory in the installation folder of nextcloud.

Yes I know that,

And at the 2nd setup (I erase 1st one) , I put /home/nextcloud/data as data directory and the config.php have this value for datadirectory field.

Very similar situation here, altough I didn’t use container, I’m using bare metal Install with Cent OS 8

I just found it on /nextcloud/data, what is a really anoying, since Its consuming OS partition space

@rafaelvico you can move all the data on another folder/ disk and change the path of your data directory in your config.php
sudo rsync -av /nextcloud/data /… ( replace … by the path you want to copy the data. Make sure the data are correctly copied and after delete /nextcloud/data folder)