Where are my apps? (NC 17)

I just installed Nextcloud 17 on a Ubuntu Server (18.04 LTS) and am enjoying this great tool.

However, I have selected to add a number of apps - but they don’t show up in the menu. How can I launch them? Can I expand the menu along the top? Is there a limit to the apps I can add?

I would sure love to use them all…

Some apps only appear in settings, others dont show up at all and just provide functionality, if you provide more info on what apps you are missing, we can hint you on that… did you check in apps if they show up as installed?

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The E-book reader.
Text (I see Notes, but not Text)
The SMS phone tool…
(I will look up the rest… I added a lot of apps)

not released for nc 17, yet

“Nextcloud Text […] will be part of Nextcloud 17 as the default text editor. To start editing just open an existing markdown or plaintext file or create a new one.”

watch here how to use: https://github.com/nextcloud/ocsms

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