Where are is deck data stored within my nextcloud instance?

I am trying to get my wife to switch from Trello to Deck. Due to some admin mistakes on my part, I had to do a fresh install of a new Nextcloud instance. When I did so, I successfully copied over our photos and other files, but i could not figure out how to find the location of the Deck database/files.

Where does deck store its data within the Nextcloud instance?

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The Deck App does store the attachments currently outside of the user folder. It is planned to store attachments within the iser folders in a future version, though.

The content (boards, cards, etc.) is stored in the database.

cc @juliushaertl

Update: version 1.3.0 and higher stores new attachments directly in the user folder, so one can access them also with the files app.
For old attachments (uploaded with an older deck version) a migration step is planned but not yet available.