When will nextcloud integrate a decent File-access-system?

we use NC with over 25.000 people.
Our major issue is file-acces-rights.
I know it’s currently not possible to configure the access to folders/files individually.
If the root folder is open, everything is open - I cannot define “circle A can only read” - “circle B can read and write” - “Person A can read, write but not delete” etc.
That’s a real pain in the a…

Is there anything planned for the near future to implement this (in my eyes basic feature) - into Nextcloud???

A decent file access system is already implemented in the groupfolders app which you should use for this.

our Nextcloud is not using the group folders - but only the circles.
so you say only with groups it will work - well then I have to ask our IT why not to switch to groups.