When users logon, default to the home folder

Is it possible, when a user logins in to have them start inside their home folder? at the moment,they start outside their home folder.

They should go to the root of their Nextcloud storage after logging in. Is that what you mean by home folder?

Hi Karl when they login the can see a folder called home drive, but users keep trying to save things outside the home folder, I need them to start within the home folder as soon as they login.

Hey, you could alternatively make the root folder read only… Please tell if you want to know how to do this.

hi szaimen I should have said it’s already read only, I get support calls from users saying they can’t save anything, I then have to explain they need to be inside the home folder.

You could maybe add a readme.md file to the root folder which says that they need to go into their home folder to save anything…

You could use the readme.md app to achieve this:

Hi szameen good idea I’ll put it on, although I’ll doubt they would read it and would just ring us.

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Hi szaimen is there a way to get the readme files onto everyone root folder?

I am not sure…
Does everyone has a different root folder on your instance?
How did you make their root folder read only?