When the new version of the Apps Store for Nextcloud

While improving the translations in Transefix for the App Store, I noticed that a new version was not released for a very long time. Last edition of 10 Nov 2018.

@BernhardPosselt Despite a lot of new commitments and a new translation, the project is forgotten?

You need to ask someone to create regular releases when they deploy to production. I think they deployed master currently.

I am to understand that the project has no permanent guardian?

Flagship Nextcloud app, and there are no new releases? I don’t understand it a bit. It’s like, for example, Github releases an application for programmers, and then doesn’t update its code.

It’s maintained by Nextcloud people, they are just not tagging releases.

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Correct. We deploy master regularly. We just don’t raise numbers for the sake of raising numbers.

I understand. But a lot of time has passed since the last release, where a lot of new important commits have been created. I will not mention new translations and their corrections by translators. These translations should see “daylight”.

In my opinion, the flagship application store has been neglected, which somewhat spoils our image.

@MorrisJobke I noticed at App Store - Nextcloud that the upgrade has been done.

I would like to ask you to add new translations because they are not displayed after the change. Thanks.

@Valdnet can you let me know what translation specifically (in a github issue) please and I’ll look into it?

@mario Translations are missing e.g.:

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