When on mobile data, Server not available

After using NC in conjunction with Android for years it appears “suddenly” that files are not available when on mobile data (MD).

I see a grey bar in top of the GUI with “Server not available”.

I use version 3.18.1 of the app.

With a wifi connection, tested on several networks, it all works fine. As soon as I switch off the wifi, all accesses using the app fail again.

When, on MD, I use any browser like Firefox or Chrome, I can see and download the desired files without any problems.

I have changed androids data saver and data restriction without success and are now at the end of these dead-end street.

I have reset the apps cache and did a restart.

I deleted some sessions via the server settings via the browse as pointed out elsewhere on this forum some 29 days ago.

Any help would be much appreciated.

have you checked whether the app is allowed to use mobile data in the Android app settings of your phone?

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Yes, Daphne, that was it!
Disable data usage was set to on.
How “not thoughtful” of me!
Apparently I was too confused to see it.
Thank you.

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