When is suggestions for translations approved?

Hi, I am new to translating Nextcloud. I’ve been translating Mattermost for a couple of years and I think I can make a contribution here too.

I made a correction to a translation a month ago, but my correction is still in draft form.
It’s about upload_list_empty_headline where it now says “download” but should be “uploading” (in Swedish).
I see that it has been the wrong word for six years.
How do I make sure my suggestion is reviewed and included in the next release?

Hello @martjo ,

nice to see you here and even more great seeing you contributing Nextcloud.

Seconds ago I accepted your suggestion.

For a better understanding of Transifex:
Every language team has translators, reviewers and coordinators.
For swedish team please see Log in · Transifex

To get your work approved fast for reviewed strings please mention reviewers with comments.