When is planned a new release of SAML & SSO login app?

So last Nextcloud recommend php 8.0 and various hosting use that versions and doesn鈥檛 let you change the version.

That app with that version crash on login because uses a library that require to get updated and there are 2 pull requests that fix this issue:

The official apps by Nextcloud should not have the same requirements? Just to understand how works for this has, I don鈥檛 see any alerts about an app that uses an unsupported php version in the dashboard.

There is no time frame whatsoever.

Saml needs 23 support, which will depend on pull request #558

It is what it is. If something isn鈥檛 updated all we can do is report it and wait for a fix. If it is critical just stay on the older version 22 while you wait.

Same is true for php 8. If it causes problems stick to the earlier 7.4 release. Just backup before updates and rollback as needed.

So looking at your ticket there are various pull requests in queue to get approved since a lot of months to release the new version.
My provider doesn鈥檛 allow switching to a previous nextcloud version or to change the php version, so I am blocked鈥

Gotcha, then your provider will need to take action to get saml working again with a supported version of PHP on a supported version of nc. You鈥檒l want to follow up with them directly and ask they address it.

Assuming this functionality is something you pay them to provide you. Different providers offer different nextcloud functionality. Some even have support contracts with the nc dev team. I鈥檓 a volunteer.

Hopefully your provider is helpful and responsive! Good luck.

We are evaluating if switch to oauth and use that app that is updated.

PS: I see that you are volunteer so no problem, I was hoping to get a ping from the NC team itself here about this.