When is next upgrade to 21.0.8 stable coming

My production server is currently on 20.0.14 which reached the EOL in november 2021. I have updated my experimental server which says 21.0.8 and detected some issues that needed to be fixed. Mainly it was collabora switch from lool to cool(?) and webfinger etc.

On my production server, I am however only offered an upgrade to 21.0.8 RC3. I have waited for many weeks to get an offer to upgrade to a stable 21.0.8 but it seems it is delayed. Looking at the Nextcloud/server milestones page the number of open issues has been stalled on 10 to 11 since many weeks.

It seems the same stalemate is seen for all the versions. Is there any information about the problems? Should I just accept to upgrade to 21.0.8 RC3, and maybe from there go further to 22?


Yes, there are a few delays in the release of the new versions at the moment.
My advise: don’t upgrade your production server to a release candidate version.
Better update to the previous version 21.0.7 or wait a few more days or weeks for 21.0.8.

How you go from there is absolutely up to you, but with 21.x being EOL by February (with 21.0.8?) according to Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub you may want to upgrade to 22.x very soon anyway :slight_smile:

When upgrading to 22.x I would upgrade to 21.x first and take this major version as step in between.

I upgraded to 22.2.3 a few weeks ago and it looks like this is a very stable version. Attempting to go to V23.0.0 wasn’t that successful (primarily for the CODE-Server and Collabora) - I’ll wait for at least for 23.0.1 or 23.0.2 before further upgrading.



I maintain multiple instances on different hostings and have little issues with 23 – except the current one (sync) that seems to affect 22 in the same way IIRC. So from my POV 21 is not an option due to EOL and whether you go for 22 or 23 is more about how conservative/progressive you are. But as you have a test setup (that I assume you have installed all? production apps on?) why not go for 23?

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Thanks for all advice. For the moment I will stand by on 20.0.14 and wait for the stable 21.0.8 which I hope will come (?). I am a bit wondering why the number of issues remains the same since many weeks.
The sync issue is troubling and I would not risk that one so after upgrade I will stay on 21 till it is definitely solved in 22.
But then I also need (I think) to switch to php8 soon in the near future and possibly also to Ubuntu20. I guess that will be a challenge to migrate.

Nextcloud version 22.2.3 is the current recommended stable version of Nextcloud.
Please read the issues page and remember if you are using mariadb to keep it to 10.5.
I would suggest upgrading your environment to Ubuntu 20.04. If you upgrade to PHP 8.0 is currently the only version supported, 8.1 will throw errors. Current system recommendations can be found at: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/22/admin_manual/installation/system_requirements.html

I think that NC21 is compatible with php8.0 and Ubuntu20. But I assume that changing php and Ubuntu on the production server is too risky or will cause problems?
My plan is to first upgrade the production server to 21.0.8 when it is offered to me as stable, and then migrate to another server based on php8 and Ubuntu20. Or do you think it is OK to upgrade php and Ubuntu on the server itself (of course with snapshots and backups for safety).
(My experimental server has that configuration.)
And when that has been done move to 22.

System requirements for Nextcloud 21 can be found at https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/21/admin_manual/installation/system_requirements.html yes it appears that NC 21 is compatible with php8.0 and Ubuntu20. I personally think it is too risky to roll to production although that is what is happening with just in time deployments. I would suggest you examine your use case for NC and make a risk determination as to how hard or long a fix would take if it broke something.

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You can run 2 PHP versions in parallel and just reconfigure which php to use.

I do upgrades like that on systems loads per year. Last week on two servers. Done right it won’t cause any problems.

For me it’s simpler than a full migration to a new server


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Ftr, there is nothing wrong with the CODE-Server and Collabora on NC23. It works fine. But you do need to change your reverse proxy configuration to account for name changes Collabora made in the latest CODE-Server. But this would hold true if you updated the CODE server to the latest regardless of what version of Nextcloud you are using.

Well - to make it happen, that a click on an ODT file opens Collabora instead of offering to download the file, I had to first switch to a public code server and then back to the internal one. After that everything seems to be fine.

Oh I see… I guess the MIME type handling needed to be updated.