When i enter https://nextcloudpi.local i get server not found error

I entered my pc’s ip address and port 443 and it redirected me to nextcloudpi activation page where i see 2 codes and usernames, it says to got to https://nextcloudpi.local:4443 and https://nextcloudpi.local but i can’t access any of them, i get server not found error, what can i do???, installed on orange pi 3 running armbian, i am so frustrated by this, spend the last 4 days working on this, had problems installing it and now this

hope someone can help me

Test name and ip from windows

a.b.c.d is ip of your nextcloud

nslookup a.b.c.d

nslookup nextcloudpi.local

nslookup nextcloudpi

You can access nextcloudpi by enterinng [ipadress]:4443

It’s unable to connect

Does it look ok?

You are sure the is correct? Are you doing this directly on the device? Then probably you need to use

Test the “nslookup …” on windows. Also look on your router for the ip of your connected Pi.

Finally installed nextcloud, created username and password, and loged in,but when i login i get error 500, why???, do you need logs of apache2 and mariadb?, i saw a similar post about this and it was solved saying that the problem was with mariadbhttps://help.nextcloud.com/t/nextcloud-unaccessible-with-a-http-500-error/61132

here’s the error log of apache2, is the error at the end the reason for error 500?

What version of php is installed on your system? Just a wild guess, but could be an incompatible version.

is it 4443 or 443?

These are ports for https access (443) and the webinterface for nextcloudplus (4443).

You could check the ncp interface ( to see what may be the problem here.

what is nextcloud plus?

Nextcloudpi and nextcloudplus is the same

oh ok, thanks and weclome @life_is_torture to the Nextcloud community

I think they tied to rebrand it since it isnt solely for the raspberry pi computers anymore, but its not so easy to establish a new name i think.

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Php7.4, timeouts, but here are the apache logs if they are any help, and the line 442 as it says the problem is there, thanks for the welcome [sturtz_nate] :smiley:(https://help.nextcloud.com/u/sturtz_nate)

Sorry that was a typo on my side, it should be

yeah, still shows can’t connect, but i was able to configure login data and save data location from