When I deployed nextcloud15 on the server, I found that when the admin account shared a folder with the test subaccount, the folder name changed when the test subaccount was refreshed, but the folder name under the admin account remained the same

The nas service data migration task is required to be consistent with the original server configuration. However, this problem is found.

The VM system is openEuler21,php-7.0.33, and mariadb5.5.68. This version cannot be changed. The installation process is compiled source mode installation

Test again to support English folder sharing with the same name. The Chinese folder will become (2) (3)

Hi @Roots-Ban

Any particular reason why you are using such an ancient and unsupported version of Nextcloud?

Your best bet to solve this issue would be to install a current version of Nextcloud (at least version 25) and then try again. If the issue still exists, I would recommend opening a bug repport on GitHub: Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub

I just read this other post of yours. MariaDB 5.5 and PHP 7.0 are end of life, just like Nextcloud 15. If you want to continue to get support and bug fixes I see no other way than upgrading your software stack. it’s also very likely that your issue has long been solved, in newer versions of the software.

Here are the minimum system requirements for the currently supported Nextcloud releases:

26: System requirements — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

25: System requirements — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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Well, this is a problem encountered in the enterprise server deployment, because the task is to do server data migration, and the internal server does not connect to the Internet. The data on the old server was nextcloud15. The previous attempt to use version 25 of nextcloud resulted in a number of uncontrollable issues with the old data migrating over. So now it is strictly consistent with the version on the old server, but the problem above arises.
So I would like to ask if there is a solution to the problem of Chinese folder name shared by nextcloud in this version. There is no such problem in nextcloud15 on the old server. It’s not up to me to make this version.

Currently, it is difficult to upgrade nextcloud and other versions without networking and storing data on the original server, and the reporting cycle is too long.
The best solution is to find the problem with the bug, as it did not exist on the old server.

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Sorry, I can’t help with that, maybe other here have some ideas…

Thank you very much. Will the nextcloud official answer my post here.

Nextcloud officials will not answer you questions here. Buy commercial support if you are unhappy with answers here. This forum is driven mostly by volunteers. and I would not expect better answer from paid support the the perfect advice given to you already: