When I acces at my "nextcloud" out side of my network no work fine

Hi all people, I have a issue with the nextcloud-15.0.4
My device is a PC with Intel Core 3800MHz 64Bit, 2GB RAM, OS Ubuntu server 18.04. with Apache2, PHP-7.2, mariadb-server 10.1

when I use the acces by internal IP, for example, all work fine an fast. but I when want to use the IP external or a domain for example: example.com the sistem no work fine, the conextion go slow very very slow and the app in my PC send errors
All thats test are made in my internal network.

sorry my poor english I’m spanish :frowning:

You do have the rights ports forwarded in to you server? Does your firewall handle that traffic as it should ?

do you say this?

Hi all, I think the problem are in the router, but at now I don’t what to do.
someone have a idea

Hi, good morning, I have fix the issue, my router is a bad quality device and don’t have NAT loopback.
For the fix it I had to install a DNS server in my server of hardware, (DNSmasq).
In this tutorial have all instrucctions


Thanks u all