What's wrong with that one?


I try to use password extension (firefox) to get me logged in to FanKai

But it just doesn’t work : can someone tell me why ? I can’t see something different with that login form…


If you look into the page source code, there is two extra fields: one named “fakeusernameremembered” and the other one named “fakepasswordremembered”.

Because the browser extension sees this as two login forms (each password field is one login form) it will not automatically submit the forms. And the extension always assumes that the “fakeusernameremembered” is the right field for the user name.

I haven’t checked what happens if try to use autofill, but it’s safe to say that the fake fields successfully confused the extension. I’m not sure what the intention behind the fields is.

These fields are honeypots and as you see they work…