What's the purpose of *json and *js files (apps/files/l10n/ or apps/files_rightclick/l10n)


My system:

  • Nextcloud version 21.0.1

  • Ubuntu 20.04 server, Apache 2.4, PHP7.4, MariaDB 10.3

Now I found out, that in two folders

  • apps/files/l10n

  • apps/files_rightclick/l10n

a lot of *.json and *.js files has no permissions, owner and group settings! ls -l shows for example

  • -????????? ? ? ? ? ? be.json

  • -????????? ? ? ? ? ? bg.js

What do these files do? What could be the reason that a most of the *.json and *.js files has (like i intended) there owner, group and permissions and a lot of these files do miss them?

First of all I would like to know, what these files do? And if there are risks going to correct the missing owner, group and permissions using the ubuntu command line?

Kind regards, go4ncloud

They are language specific files. Changing language, also decides which of these specific files are used.

apart from those files in these directories there is a much more important problem with your NC, which you might not be aware of

is outdated since more than a year and afaik NC has openly released all known flaws with those outdated versions.

So please upgrade to at least nc24 pretty soon. And don’t skip a major version.

Thank’s for your hint.

I installed Nextloud Version 24.x in parallel, in mind to replace my Nextcloud 21.x server. Unfortunately after some week the Nextcloud 24.x server crashed after some weeks because of a corrupt database. Because I use my Nextcloud server privatly (as single person), I dont see high risks of hacking my server.

Kind regards, go4ncloud

Thank’s for your info.

it was just a hint to let you know about it. Some ppl aren’t even aware of this kind of circumstances.

So, I know the problem of these *.json and *.js files. This morning my nextcloud server wasn’t reachable, because the logical volume wasn’t mounted anymore. dmesg shows

EXT4-fs (dm-0): warning: mounting fs with errors


e2fsck -fv /dev/vg-name/lv-name

returned (for example)

Eintrag „es_419.json“ in …/apps/files_rightclick/l10n (239211464) hat gelöschten/unbenutzten Inode 239211474.

Now the question is, how can lost a file it’s Inode (erased / not used)?

Kind regards, go4ncloud

try disabling and removing both apps