What's the most straightforward option for adding 500GB of external storage?

I need to find the most straightforward option for adding 500GB of cheap external storage to my nextcloud. I’m using a hosted set-up for nextcloud so I’ve been looking at the options on the help page here


The only one I recognise is AWS, but before just diving in and committing money, I thought I’d check which is going to be the best option out there for me, being more or less capable with doing the settings and config stuff but by no means a linux sysop.

Any recommendations?


I’d try to use something locally close (same data center) so that the connection between the server and the external storage is as fast as possible. It should ideally be faster than the connections to the clients.

I have mostly used SFTP, but it was not really for large storage, so in terms of performance I can’t say what has the best performance.

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