What's the current (if any) video streaming app for NC


What these days you do use for streaming video?
I recently upgraded my NC to 13 and before on 12 I had something called files_videoviewerplus ver. 0.2 and files_videoplayer ver 1.2.
Both been running pretty good however videoviewerplus had better functionality.
Now after upgrade I see neither of the works and I find any info about videoviewerplus as well as videoplayer in app store.
Found something here: https://github.com/nextcloud/files_videoplayer but it has some sound issues and seems doesn’t play avis.

What to do? How to live now? :wink:

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Report your issue to the github issues page you linked. Devs would be your best point of contact on bugs, etc. Be sure to add all relevant details on what happened, your setup, etc.