Whats the best way to use PhoneTrack for COVID-19 location logging


i had the idea to use the PhoneTrack app to log my location on my private Nextcloud instance. In case i’ll be infected with COVID-19 i would then have the opportunity to review all the locations i was in the past x days. Furthermore i could export the data and provide a list of locations to any authority that is interested into tracing back my contacts in the past days.

Here i have a few questions:

  • What would be the best App and (battery friendly) setting to achieve this? So far i have tested traccar, µlogger and owntracks. In my opinion traccar and ulogger are working the best. Owntracks seem to provide and unprecise location, but maybe my settings are wrong.

  • How can i do some post processing on the exported data? Is there maybe already any script (python etc.) or app that already does that? I guess that it would be interesting to have something like a list of POIs and the time i spent there, instead of a RAW list of GPS coordinates. If not I’ll consider writing something on my own :-).

I consider this as an open discussion thread and welcome any ideas :-).

Thanks and BR,