"what's new" in app store when apps are updated

when apps are updated, i’m always curious what’s new. it would be nice to have a little bit of information about what has been changed in the new version of the app.

In the app store you can click on an app(for example when it has an update), the on the right side you can find some information about the app. it would be a good place, i think, to have a portion of text about the last update.

@jan how do you think about that? is this something which is already available in a github issue or worth it to add?

On Github you can always select Code > releases to view to get an idea of the changes, if the developers have added this information, see e.g. the latest Calendar app.

Beside this you can also subscribe to the following RSS feed to get informed about new apps and their changes:


yes, for the short term that is a kind of a solution. For the calendar app it’s quite clear in github, but you would like to have it directly available when you’re updating the apps. Just like it works when you update Android or iPhone apps :wink:

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