What will a server release contain?

Spreed.me has a lot of dependencies, many of which are not PHP related and not suitable for web hosts per example.
Contacts and Calendar are now fully supported. Does that mean that they’re shipped or are they still optional?

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cc @jospoortvliet @frank

The idea is to make setup of Spreed.ME a lot easier. Maybe with a new backend that has less dependencies. We probably won’t put Calendar, Contacts, Spreed and more into the release tar file itself. Instead we want to make the user experience for users to get and activate apps super easy and transparent.


sounds great! :slight_smile:

Concerning spreed, please don’t forget armhf-support out of the box.
At the moment you have to compile it your self for armhf devices.



I’m someone desperately looking for a FOSS Skype replacement (thus far I’ve tried Jit.si,Ring,SFLphone,Tox,SIP,Firefox Hello,XMPP, Qmunicate and more) who wanted to install Spreed on ownCloud. To be honest, I’ve tried so many, that I’ve honestly considered setting up a blog for Secure, FOSS communication tool reviews. Quite honestly, the choice for tools that would rate above 3/5 stars at the moment is… very, very slim. I was really excited to read about Spreed within ownCloud, but when I saw the install instructions it immediately got put in my “try later… realistically probably never.” list.

If installing Spreed on Nextcloud could at least be made no more difficult than an ownCloud upgrade, and integrated with the user system, and video calls worked at least as reliably as Skype (even if it was lower video resolution, audio bit depth, less of the extra features etc) I would not only be the hugest raving fan possible, but also evangelising it’s use to everyone I know (with accompanying users on my Nextcloud install).

Suffice to say I’m thrilled with the direction things seem to be pointing for Spreed/Nextcloud integration and just wanted to add my support in any way possible.


Will Spreed, likely be a relatively easy install on the first release of Nextcloud, or should we expect that to come further down the line?

I don’t think it will ever be easy for most platforms because of the requirements

  1. A TUN server. That’s relatively complex but the documentation is excellent
  2. Go to be installed
  3. Ability to launch a server from the account where NC is installed
  4. Additional Apache modules
  5. Extra Apache configuration

It should be very easy on an official image though or using the official line of hardware.

Is Spreed compatible with Nginx?

Nginx HTTP server configuration for Spreed WebRTC


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Nice! Thanks @Akhenaton!