What version am i using


cant for the world figure out how to check my current version of my community document server.

if i do “supervisorctl version” i get output but im not sure its the correct version give to me

help is very much appreciated.

You can check the version via: apt info onlyoffice-documentserver

root@hostname:/var# apt info onlyoffice-documentserver
Package: onlyoffice-documentserver
Version: 6.4.2-6
Priority: optional
Section: web
Maintainer: Ascensio System SIA <support@onlyoffice.com>
Installed-Size: 1,174 MB
Depends: debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0, adduser, ca-certificates, coreutils, curl, libasound2, libcairo2, libcurl3 | libcurl4, libcurl3-gnutls, libgconf-2-4, libgtk-3-0, libstdc++6 (>= 4.8.4), libxml2, libxss1, libxtst6, logrotate, mysql-client | mariadb-client, nginx-extras (>= 1.3.13), postgresql-client (>= 9.1), pwgen, supervisor (>= 3.0b2), xvfb, zlib1g
Recommends: ttf-mscorefonts-installer
Download-Size: 423 MB
APT-Manual-Installed: yes
APT-Sources: https://download.onlyoffice.com/repo/debian squeeze/main amd64 Packages
Description: Online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
 Document Server is an open-source office suite that includes
 collaborative online editors for text documents, spreadsheets,
 and presentations.

Another option would be: grep Version /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/docservice/out.log

root@hostname:/etc/supervisor/conf.d# grep Version /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/docservice/out.log
[2021-12-18T00:02:01.359] [WARN] nodeJS - Express server listening on port 8000 in production-linux mode. Version: 6.4.2. Build: 6

worked like a charm! thx a million.