What to buy for Nextcloud in a Datacenter

Hi all,

I m thinking of setting up Nextcloud on refurbished hardware on ESXi, but I am not sure how to setup failover/redundancy.
We now have a Proliant 360G7 with 4 HDD (8 Tb in RAID) and I m thinking of buying another one of this type.
In the new one I would like to have 8 x 2Tb disks and upgrade the old one to x 2Tb disks. We would like to cluster the two servers

Later this year I would like to install a larger storage server, 12 x 8Tb disks.

Is this the way to setup a Nextcloud install? Or am i completely wrong. Also can I keep on adding storage to an installation? If we run in to problems we will use payed support, therefor I need to make sure we have a corrct setup.

They moved the deployment recommendations to the customer portal:

perhaps you’ll find it in the old documentation (or via wayback-machine):