What things are easy to miss when migrating all data?

I tried to move my data from a manual installation to NCP. However, this failed. This could be because the version number differed a little bit and I also had an sqlite database which is not supported out oft he box with NCP.

Then, I decided it is cleaner to export all my data from the old instance and import it to the new one. I use files, calendar and contacts. I exported them via the web interface. Is this a good idea? Will all kind of metadata be exported and imported again for calendar and contacts or is there a better way? Is there anything else I should remember when manually migrating data to a new instance?


Everything except the plain files are stored in the database. So if you want to keep old versions, shares, shared links, any app data, you need to do a proper migration with the full database. If you are happy to keep your files and you manually backup calender and contacts, you way is fine.

Because it is your system, it should be relatively easy to keep a full backup of the current system. If you miss something, you can always go back.

Thanks! I didn’t think of some of those things. I do not need the shares or app data but the file history would be gone.