What nextcloud version

To what nextcloudversion can i update with nextcloudpi? because i want to version 22, because i would like to have voice messages in talk.

NCPv1.38.6 supports up to NC 20.0.12.

You can still update using nc-update-nextcloud from ncp-config or ncp-web, by firsts upgrading to NC 21.0.4 then to 22.1.0
Replace the ‘0’ from the version field by the version you want, It does not support skipping major versions,
I’d suggest you make full backups before giving that a go, as there is no ncp support yet

Thanks for your answere,

My concern is, is it smart to update or can problems then arise with ncp?

I would never update on a production server, until I tested it on a test server first.

As there is no uninstall or downgrade available, if things brake, the only way back is to restore using a previously made backup.

Depending, hardware, size of you database and data, restoring can be resource and time consuming.

It also depends how badly you want/need voice messages in talk.

Yes i do a backup over ncp web dashboard. Thanks.

So I have now updated to Nextcloud Version 22.1.1 everything without problems, everything seems to work as usual. I’m just wondering can I activate these untested Apps? has anyone tested it yet?


Yes, you can go ahead and re-enable. I recommend resetting your updates to be latest (0) so once ncp catches up you’ll be back to regular ncp releases.