What is your experiences with OnlyOffice and editing with multiple people? We have to update our todo sheets manually every 2 minutes

Anmerkung 2020-04-15 083456

I work for an online shop and we use an excel table to enter all new products and multiple departments can check off their todos for each article. This means there are always 5-15 people doing small edits at all times. We know that we could use Decks. We tried it for a while but working within a sheet fits our workflow way better.

This worked flawlessly when we used the office plugin of our Synology NAS. Now that half of the company is doing home office due to the pandemic we wanted to make the product list accessible without the need of a VPN (the Synology NAS is behind the firewall).

I booted up a EX62 server over at hetzner.com with an i9-9900K octacore, 64 GB DDR4 RAM and 2x8TB HDD in Raid using Hetzner’s pre-configured Nextcloud 18/Ubuntu-Image, exported the .xls file from the Synology Office, imported it into our fresh Nextcloud 18 server and we started working with it. This was two weeks ago and working with OnlyOffice is not very smooth. We always get this popup that tells us to save and reload.

What collaboration mode are you in, Strict or Fast ? (I only just discovered this option).

I had the same issue when one or more people synchronized the doc in their client. Try to edit your doc in a folder which isnt synchronize on any machine.