What is the recommended "use case scenario" for Nextcloud single user?

Here is my context :

  • My Nextcloud install is up and running on a Ubuntu 18.04 (installed by “Snap”, as recommended for this OS)
  • I’m the only user on my PC.

I would like to :

  • sync a “Notes” subfolder of my Home folder with my Android smartphone (I don’t need to do it “over internet”, I will only sync when both my smartphone and PC are on the same local network). In this folder there are *.txt documents. (I already spotted the official NextCloud Notes app for Android which seems perfect)

I don’t want to :

  • move or duplicate my data (It’s perfectly sorted in my Home folder) Of course it will be duplicate once on my smartphone.
  • open security breaches by messing with Home folder permissions

If possible I would like to keep my Nextcloud install as generic/standard as possible. (No deep modifications of obscure parameters files)

So what’s the recommended use case scenario for me ? Is Nextcloud useful for me ? If yes, how can I configure it ?

Thanks for your feedback !

If its really just about syncing text files from one folder, perhaps Nextcloud is overkill. A simple file transfer server/client via webdav, FTP, SFTP, network drive, SMB, … (don’t know about all possibilities and their advantages) is sufficient. Perhaps there is some nice simple FOSS sync client for one of these protocols for Android or whatever phone you use.

But for further feature implementation Nextcloud of course enables you to easily upgrade to several other usages when needed.

Thanks for the reply !
How should I proceed with Nextcloud ?

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