What is the recommended process for restoring a backup from 23 and PHP 7.4? Trying to use current 24 with PHP 8.1 image

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What is the recommended process for a user with a backup that does not match the current release, in this case 23 + php 7.4 → 24 + 8.1

Hmm… I wonder if you could restore your database and other folders (data, config, etc), but then put NC 24 in the web root and initiate the upgrade from OCC immediately.

Or would the upgrade process not run due to unsupported PHP? In which case the next step probably depends on whether PHP can be rolled back to a supported version.

If it can’t, it might be necessary to do the restore on another system (like a temporary virtual machine) to process the upgrade, and then migrate the updated installation to the production system.

No, this is not working. NCP keeps somewhere the information what version of NC, PHP en Debian is used. And this results the remark This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 8.0. You are currently running 8.1.10](https://help.nextcloud.com/t/this-version-of-nextcloud-is-not-compatible-with-php-8-0-you-are-currently-running-8-1-10
If I knew where that was I could try to fool the system.

And quite possibly wreck your database in the process.

It’s looking at the version installed on the system, and it knows what versions of PHP the installed version of NC is compatible with. I don’t think it’s anything specific to NCP.

You need to run it with a compatible version and upgrade PHP along with NC to maintain compatibility at each step.

  1. I am operating on a copy if I wreck that , I will make a new copy.
  2. It is worthless to me now. Whole my NC, files, calendar, contacts and the like are not working.

If you want support, you will have to use a version of PHP compatible with the version of NC.

And when you “fool the system” and it’s completely dysfunctional, then what? I suppose you will want the community to address that too. I think you won’t find a lot of people willing to volunteer their personal free time on a system intentionally set up incorrectly.

I was just trying to provide a viable upgrade path.

This was my approach:
installed a fresh rasbian (Bullseys , debian 11) from 22 september 2022 . 64 bit.
Then installed NCP version v1.48.3 which installed mariaDB 10.5 , PHP7.4 , Apache2 (2.4.54-1) and Nextcloud 23.0.6 and obviously a lot of other stuff.

How would an NCP upgrade path look like taking care of all the layers that are in between?

Did you try using the built in upgrade tools from the ncp webui?

Oh, that would work ?