What is the highest PHP version I can/should use in apps?

Does Nextcloud’s source code define somewhere what the supported PHP versions are? The Installation guide says

PHP (>= 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1)

but this is all I could find.

Is this just a convention or enforced somewhere. I want to know because I wonder what the highest PHP version is that I can use for apps. I suppose if Nextcloud 13 claims to work with >=5.6 then all apps should, too. Is this correct?

You can choose whatever you like and mark it up in your info.xml

Yes, they should.

You can see the server requirements in lib/versioncheck.php

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I found what you were probably referring to, but I agree with @nickvergessen, that it would be ideal if everyone who can use the latest version of Nextcloud (13 atm) can also use the latest apps.

I mostly wanted to use the null coalescing operator that is only available in PHP7 and a more current version of phpunit. For the latter I realized that this would be only a dev dependency anyway, so I should be fine using the most current one.

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