What is the framework is to use by NextCloud?


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It’s in the title : I would like to know : What is the framework is to use by NextCloud ?

Do NextCloud use the Laravel framework, Symfony framework or framework other ?

I don’t see the framework use to in the GitHub page : https://github.com/nextcloud/server .

I am french and sorry if my english is bad :sweat_smile:

Thank you and I am waiting your answers ! :wink:

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no Laravel but a lot of Symfony. See https://github.com/nextcloud/3rdparty/blob/master/composer.json.

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Ooh okay !

It’s cool :slight_smile:

Thank you @ChristophWurst :slight_smile:

But, why an other a repository that contain the dependences ? This composer.json file can’t be in the nextcloud/server repository ?

If I would like to create extensions. Can I use a other framework or do I have to use the Symfony framework ?

Do Nextcloud own its framework ?

The developer guide should be a good starting point if you want to develop an app for Nextcloud :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ooh yeah !

Thanks @stefan-niedermann !! :wink:

But I searched in this documentation and I didn’t find which framework that I can use.

I saw in this page there that is an architecture to build his application : https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/developer_manual/app_development/intro.html#app-architecture .

So, I don’t use framework (or Symfony may be) ?

As an app (extension) developer you should only use the Nextcloud APIs and nothing of the underlying Symfony. This layer of abstraction allows Nextcloud core developers update dependencies while apps continue to work.

So, again, don’t use the Symfony things directly. Read the manual and use Nextcloud APIs.

Okay @ChristophWurst :slight_smile:
So, I suppose that the APIs are developed in Symfony ?

Anyway, if I will develop an extension Nextcloud, I read the documentation recommended by @stefan-niedermann :slight_smile:

I apply for a FullStack Developer for a french company and they would developed extensions for Nextcloud and others projects.
Whence my opening of the subject :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone ! :wink:

The APIs are built on top of Symfony and other frameworks/libraries, yes :slight_smile:

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Ooh okay ! :slight_smile:

I will be a junior developer if I will find a job ^^

In your last post you said that the APIs are built on top of Symfony and other Frameworks/Libraries.

But, it’s a good practice to mix the different frameworks and libraries ?

See them as libraries, not frameworks. We take the components that we need to build the software. It’s standard practice. Symfony for the main components, Doctrine for database access, Guzzle for HTTP client and so on.