What is the best solution for file sharing with your family?!?


I would like to know wich method would be better for sharing files.

I use NC private for family and want to knwo what is the better solution for sharing of files(fotos)

It is better to create an extra user for each group, which get all files and folders for sharing.
(Every User of this group has permission to edit files in his sharing folder)

or is it better that every user give permission to group and folder seperatly.

Sorry about my bad english, i hope you can understand my question.


Personally back when I was running Owncloud for the same function, I created a “family” user which held all the shared files, and created the relevant shares against specific groups that allowed either the whole family to see entirely, or just myself and my other half.

I just set up Nextcloud 10. As Admin, I created a “Family Share” folder. Then I shared that folder with my group “Family” and gave the group edit permission for the folder. This was a very simple setup and so far this seems to be working well.

thank you for your input…
i’m going to create a family user and made a sharing folder.
I think is better to create an own user for this, in place of using the admin for things like this.

My admin is only admin and nothing else, and also no other user has admin rights. I hope this is the right way :slight_smile: