What is the anti-spam system of the mail app?

I usually work with magicspam, is it supported by this app? Or have something similar to block spammer messages?

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I think Nextcloud Mail is only an imap client. Can you activate spam filter on your mail server?

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Iā€™m looking for a complete mail server, not just a client. I came to think that nextcloud would suit me.

Yes. But Nextcloud Mail is not a mail server like Microsoft Outlook, too. You can host your own mailserver or buy a managed mailserver. But Nextcloud is a collaboration software and not a mailserver. Also Microsoft 365 is not a mail server. Microsoft Exchange is a mailserver.

You can find your mail hoster with insert the domain (after @) at https://mxtoolbox.com.

This thread appears to have become a duplicate of your other. See email server options with nc integration at App mail will support multiples domains? - #2 by JMLatNC

As it has already been answered:

Nextcloud is only a client
Mail server is a totally different thing. See linked options. None of it is as simple as installing from the appstore.

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