What is/are the correct url(s) for webdav?

The developer documentation says that the webdav url is:-

Whereas many googled posts use, without username:-

Which is it, or is it optional to use either?
Has the url changed during the evolution of Nextcloud, such that these older posts are now incorrect?

you can find an url when you click on the small settings icon at the bottom left of the current app (files, contacts, calendar, …)

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Yes, thanks. I’d found …/remote.php/webdav rather by luck on the bottom left side within Settings, but at first it didn’t work.
I’ve now made some changes to my Nginx config and it’s started to work now…
I see that …/remote.php/webdav is truly for file access, whereas…/remote.php/dav is for access to AddressBook and Calendar etc. The Username does not appear to be necessary.

The NextCloud Sync app didn’t have a problem, and mydomain.com/nextcloud was sufficient. It was the client app, Syncovery that did - but it’s fixed now.


I’ve found that
does give access to files, and that is what the Manual for v12 says, but the App itself shows
I don’t suppose it matters.
But, disappointingly, NextCloud’s WebDav is much slower than Pydio v8 is on same hardware.

Just an update:
You should use nowadays dav everywhere as webdav endpoint seems to be removed in NC23. See