What is "advanced permissions" in group folders used for?

Hi all.

When adding a group folder, you can select which groups have which permission to this shared folder. But in addition, there is an advanced permission checkbox with an input field next to it which reads: “Users/groups that can manage”. I don’t understand what actually is this “advanced permission” and how can it be used. I don’t see an explanation about it in the app page. Can anyone tell me? :slight_smile:

Plus, I want to learn if I can make shares of nested folders in this group folder. For example we have a group of companies. I want to create a folder for each company; but I don’t want all the company users to have access to root of the group folder. Instead, I will allow only group admins to manage the root group folder and create shares of the folders inside this group folder to allow individual people of corresponding company. (Like accountant to have permission for accounting folders, sales staff to have permission for sales docs etc…)

Or is it possible to manage such thing via this “advanced permissions”?

Thank you, it is pretty clear now. I think this information should also be in group folders app page.