What happens with my code changes to Nextcloud if i update it

If i modify the Nextcloud code, what will happen when i make an update? Will my changes remain or will the update remove them?

for logial reasons i’d say: it depends upon whether your personal code-changes are in a file that’s gonna be changed by the update-process or not
but maybe updating means 1:1 update - so all files would be updated, regardless. (incremental update vs full update)
in every case it’s kinda dangerous for your code-changes to survive.
but hey, what do i know? i am just guessing :wink:

i was also thinking that it might depend on whether or not the file i changed needs to be updated by the update process, but it would be nice to know for sure

All changes to Nextcloud files will be removed on an update. Thus it is best to encapsulate your changes inside an application.

meaning: full update, i c. thanks for making that clearer to me/us.

is there any special reason for prefering full upd rather than incremental upd?

Incremental updates are probably harder to manage if you want to update from different versions (make incremental update files for each possible upgrade). In the past we had a lot of problems when users didn’t put new code properly. Therefore we now implemented the integrity test to verify if it is the original code. If you report errors, you will be asked to use the original version in case your modification broke something.

If you have changes, either consider them useful for everybody that they can go into the main server repository or put it in an app. This way it can be useful for others who want to use this functionality.