What happens when server already containes files

I just made a fresh nextcloud install and I have placed all my existing synced files on the external harddrive into the data folder.

Now I was wondering what is going to happen when I let my client syncs with the server.

Will it recognize that the files are already there or will it delete them and overwrite or what will happen.

It’s about 500 GB of data, so I don’t really want to start from 0 as it will take days to sync this again.

Or is there another way I have to do this. I have an external storage containing all the data from my previous nextcloud installation. I had to make a new install due to a corruption on the Linux disk. So I reinstalled Linux and nextcloud and mounted the external storage again and set this as the data folder in the nextcloud config and did all the necessary permissions and ownerships. I just worry a little that on a sync I would loose the data on the external storage and having to restart again.

Thanks for any insight.

You’ll sync to an empty folder on the client which will then download all the data, with some exceptions (external/group folder, or folder larger than 500 MB). You can change the settings on the client to decide what folders to sync.

thx, But what if my client also contains a majority of that same data already? will it sync correctly?

Hi @Stephanisk!
normally, if your files are exactly the same as those on your server, the client will not perform any action on them but it will download the missing ones and replace the wrong ones.