What happens to files of a user in a shared folder when deleting the user?

Nextcloud 23.0.5

I thought that nextcloud has a very unexpected behaviour, I read about it somewhere, and I thought this is how it works:

  1. share folderXY with userA
  2. userA adds a file to folderXY
  3. delete userA
  4. all files that userA created are deleted, even from shared folders, even if other users edited them afterwards

I thought that that’s how it is, only way around it is to use group folders.

Now I did a test, and the file that userA created was still in the shared folder after I deleted userA.

Did Nextcloud change behaviour in recent releases? I would be very happy, all this time I thought I have to migrate everything to group folders in order not to lose data when deleting users.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

that always was the intended way. Afai remember said discussion it was due to some misunderstanding/misconfiguration of that user that something there was problematic. I’m even not sure if they could have repeated this problem.