What happens to: --database-table-prefix in Nextcloud 20?

I’m a bit unhappy with NC20.

What happend to the occ maintenance:install option --database-table-prefix

according the doc page https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/20/admin_manual/configuration_server/occ_command.html#command-line-installation-label it should be there:

but running occ --help says it isn’t a valid option anymore:

is it just renamed to --database-table-space?

The reason why I’m unhappy:

If I interpret this issue correctly, the parameter has completely been removed and instead the default parameter value is set to “nc_” with a fallback to “oc_”?!

Although the following post mentions that the prefix should have been changed to “nc_”, I seems that the Nextcloud code itself always uses “oc_” as a prefix?!

@nickvergessen a warning that the option was removed would have been nicer than exit with an error. occ maintenance:install would still be able to initialize nextcloud.

that wouldn’t break automated installation scripts like my playbook.

@Reiner_Nippes Did you already run some tests with the new version? Can you tell me which prefix will now be used by default, “nc_” or “nc_”? I think I have to test my own scripts too to make sure they’re still working as expected :frowning:

seems to be oc_

i just removed this line https://github.com/ReinerNippes/nextcloud/blob/2b3db2bebe0f4eb385c2f84d625600211575363d/roles/nextcloud/tasks/configure/nextcloud.yml#L38 and check the config.php -> 'dbtableprefix' => 'oc_',

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Well I think it’s better to get an error instead of secretly ignoring it, especially because of scripts like this where people would wonder why the parameter doesnt work in the end.
It’s a simple fix on your side this way, otherwise you at some point would have debugged for ages just to find out the parameter is not working anymore.

The prefix is oc_ and should not be changed. There are a lot of issues with oracle and length of table names, index names etc. and it also makes sure that database queries posted in the forum, docs and other places work for everyone.
The parameter was removed from the install screen already for a long time, only the command was missed back then.