What happened to folders?

On the web where did folders go? I only see tags on the left side. I’ve looked everywhere and no longer see folders to browse. Where did they go? Also I noticed “All Bookmarks” shows recent and “Recent” shows all.


Which version of the bookmarks app do you have installed?

Bookmarks 4.0.5
Nextcloud 20.0.5

You might have run into Upgraded to 3.4.7 deleted all bookmarks · Issue #1305 · nextcloud/bookmarks · GitHub :confused:

This shouldn’t have affected v4.x however. Still, the only way out of that is sadly to recover from database backups :frowning:

Even after recovery, will this bug crop up again? I see the issue is open.

The issue is open mainly for people to be able to find it, the bug is fixed.

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Cool, I suggest adding a link to the fix on the issue to clarify any confusion. Glad to hear.

What do you mean restore from DB backup? This issue goes back to Nov 3rd. I believe I have backups that far back. However, I can’t just restore my DB from Nov 3rd as it’s far out of date and I’ve added to much since then which I would lose if I restored the DB. Is it possible to just restore a single table for bookmarks?

Or alternatively, can I just export all the bookmarks. Disable and remove bookmarks app. Then reinstall bookmarks app and import the bookmarks?

Thank you.

For reference: I’ve published a guide on how to recover from this issue over at github