What happened to file comments?

I just noticed that on 28.0.1, on the file sidebar, the comments are apparently merged into the Activities tab. Old comments are apparently displayed, and there’s also an input box for adding comments at the top - but if I try to do that, the new comment doesn’t get saved. What might I be missing here?

Works for me. :slight_smile:

Any errors in your browser console, particularly the Network tab?

Does regular Activity apps page (in the upper apps menu) load alright?

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Turns out, if I open the sidebar and then click around on various files, then the input box’s target gets confused, and the comment gets added to a different file than what is displayed in the sidebar panel. Clearly a bug.

Indeed. Now I see what you mean.

Did someone report this bug? We are also having issues with the comments in NC28.0.1

Apparently this is the first time this has been discussed, and I didn’t create a github issue yet.

We have 3 issues with the comments in NC28.01.

  • on some files they don’t load at all. “Unable to load activity list”
  • we cannot use the @ mentions, the users do not show up anymore only their Nextcloud ids (long string of numbers that nobody knows by heart and therefore cannot send comments)
  • some users are listed in the @mention pop up but we cannot select them
  • and some comments don’t get saved, others do - we never had this issue in the previous version

The whole comments functionality seems buggy and since we use this t approve documents we need the old comments and we need to make new comments.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 17.14.20
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 17.13.59