What formats does the Description line in Calendar app support?

Hi All,

I am making an integration app for the community and was wondering what formats can be used in the description section of the Calendar app? HTML, RTF, MarkUp, Plain Text?


I don’t know the format of the description field of the NC app.

But keep in mind that other calendar app may handle format different. HTML should work in many places. But RTF, I am not sure.

The description is stored in the `value` field of the `oc_calendarobjects_props` table of the database which has these properties (for mysql):

varchar(255) COLLATE utf8mb4_bin DEFAULT NULL

It follows that you can enter a 255 character long cleartext including emojis.

Links will become “clickable” but that is all, no markdown, rtf or html will be rendered in the calendar app.

I hope that helps,
much luck!

Morning @ernolf

Thank you! for two reasons you answered my question, the app only displays plain text, but you also helped me by uncover another potential bug. I never checked the field size of the oc_calendarobjects_props table, because I was adding all the information directly to the oc_calendarobjects vobject field. That means the description data will get truncated, when nextcloud saves the properties inside the oc_calendarobjects_props table. This might be an issue. Idk yet.


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