What does this error message mean?

How does a person make any sense of this message? I have done searching here and on Github, but do not have any clue how to make sense of this, let alone resolve it. Can anyone offer any insights?

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 12.00.32 PM

maybe you want to reveal the secret of where you found that error… when and which software(s) has been involved with this action.

That would have been helpful. Sorry I didn’t include it. It is shown in the NC Mac OS client v 3.3.3

Looks like a sync error, does it show more info if you click it? Probably some conflicting files

Die you try to restart the desktop client? Does this happen again?

I presume it is a sync error, but it offers no information to troubleshoot. My experience with previous versions of NC were good and error messages clearly identified the problematic files. How does a user troubleshoot this?

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